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peaberry coffee shops in denver

Welcome to my Peaberry Coffee store list. This page is not associated with Peaberry Coffee and is not endorsed by the company. To learn about Peaberry Coffee, click here. Do not send questions about the company to me. The purpose of this page is to list the stores and show what they look like. The page is akin to a similar Starbucks aficionado page. Because I spend entire work days at Peaberry studying, I thought it might be fun to create a page for Peaberry fans. I agree that it is a waste of time to create this page, and I feel awkward taking pictures of coffee houses. But I guess other people are fanatical followers of cars, music, clothes, and television shows. A passing interest in coffee shops shouldn't be judged differently :-) Email me if you have questions about this page.

Update September 1, 2009: It appears Peaberry Coffee may have permanently closed all remaining stores. See article listed below.

» Some (All?) Peaberry Coffee Stores Close, Date: September 1, 2009
» Peaberry closes its two "prominent" locations in the Cherry Creek Mall, Date: Mar 2006
» Starbucks gains 11 locations from Peaberry Restructuring, Date: Feb 2006
» Dazbog Coffee breaks new grounds, Date: March 2006
» Westward ho! for Peaberry Coffee, Date: Jul 2004
» Peaberry Coffee awards first franchise, Date: Jan 2004

» Metro Denver (5 stores)
» South (6 stores)
» North (4 stores)
» Closed stores
» Other

Metro Denver

Links: map | patio view
3453 W. 32nd Ave.
Denver, CO

The store itself is one of the smaller ones. However, the huge patio, with heaters suitable even for the winter-time make this my second favorite store - tying with Peaberry Store #1. The neighborhood has a small town feeling and there are a number of small shops along the street. The patio walls can fold up when it's warm. Like Cherry Creek and Aurora, this Peaberry is open until 11pm on weekends.

Links: map | inside view
621 17th Street
Denver, CO 80293

I took this picture from the car in late 2005 and didn't have a chance to visit the inside until late 2006. It's too difficult to park, so this store is best for those who work in the area. The building overall isn't particularly sexy, but the inside is okay. The seating area is built into the lobby.

Store # 1 (Colorado and Mexico)
Links: map | inside view
1685 S. Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO 80222

This is Peaberry Coffee's first store. The location initially does not seem especially appealing. But the patio is nice and its quiet. The staff is very friendly and the store is clean and generously laid out. Great café for studying - there are several power outlets and there is free wireless access. Tables can fill up quickly, but if you're willing to wait, you'll find a spot to sit. The back of the store - away from the counter - is usually warmer to sit, by the way.

Store at 2nd & St. Paul
Links: map | inside view | another outside view
Reviews: Citysearch reviews of this location
3031 E. 2nd Avenue
Denver, CO 80206

The lighting in this store is flawed and makes it hard to read. The spotlights cast shadows onto the page no matter at what angle you hold your book. However, the staff is very friendly, and the store is open late - 10pm on weekdays and 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Parking is free after 7pm and free all day on Sundays. You'll usually find a spot right across from the store. The last time I went on Sunday, there were at least 50 people in the store and sitting outside on the patio. Must be the busiest Peaberry around. There's a good mexican place next door.

58th & Washington
Links: map | inside view
5771 N. Washington St.
Denver, CO 80216

Small store but nicely kept. Very close to Peaberry headquarters.


not available yet

Broadway King Soopers
7901 S. Broadway
Littleton, CO 80122

Greenwood Village
Links: map | inside view
9602 East Arapahoe Rd.
Greenwood Village, CO 80122

This is the nicest store I've been in. It has a great patio, and the inside is very modern and relaxing. It's right at Arapahoe Rd.

DTC Store
Links: map | inside view
5322 DTC Blvd. Ste. 400
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

This is also a very nice store. It just turned one year old. The store has a lot of room. The lighting is good, and the staff is okay. It's in a small strip shopping center and the whole area around it has newly-built houses. Very modern. There's plenty of parking. They're open until 6pm on weekdays and 5pm on weekends. The store has a nice patio with sunshine throughout the day. Oh, and the free wireless said I had another 9682 days until my login session time runs out - so that should be enough to get me through another case or two.

Links: map | inside view
12101 E. Iliff Ave.
Aurora, CO

Maybe the second nicest Peaberry. Open until 10pm on weekdays and 11pm on weekends. There's a kite store next door with a lot of kites outside - you can't miss it. There is adequate room in the store, but it feels a bit cramped. There's a Noodles & Company next door.

Links: map | inside view
8283 S. Akron St.
Centennial, CO 80211

The store received the "Best Coffee Shop in Centennial 2005" award. It was very busy on Thursday when I was there and it seems to be doing very well. The inside layout is substantially like the Colorado Mills and DTC shops. Open from 7am to around 6 or 7pm. If you don't know the area, it'll be a bit tricky to find. Exit I-25 South, head west on Arapahoe. Akron is the second real street on the right *before* you get to Yosemite.

not available yet

Colorado Springs
7335 N. Academy
Colorado Springs, CO


Colorado Mills
Links: map | inside view
14255 W. Colfax Dr. Unit B
Lakewood, CO

Similar to the DTC store, but a bit more comfortable. The building is very modern and the patio is great! Chipotle is right next door. There is ample parking. The store is on the main Colorado Mills side of Colfax.

North Wadsworth
Links: map | inside view
10138 N. Wadsworth Pkwy.
Westminster, CO 80021

This store is very nice. It's right at the corner of the shopping center. There are a number of restaurants on the same block. The patio is huge. However, while the store looks big, it's actually one of the smaller Peaberry stores with only around five or six tables.

not available yet

2315 Clover Basin Drive
Longmont, CO

Links: map | inside view
2721 Arapahoe Ave.
Boulder, CO

Peaberry used to have a very nice corporate location at Baseline and Broadway! But they've sold it to Starbucks, which appears to be making a "killing" with all the nearby students. Luckily, Peaberry is still represented with a franchise on Arapahoe right across from the Safeway. The store is very small, but has a nice patio seating area in the front. I've only been to the store once, and couldn't find room to sit inside.

Closed Stores

DU Area
Links: map
2026 S. University Blvd.
Closed February 24, 2006

A great store. It was pretty small and the afternoon sun made the inside unbearably warm, but the staff was perhaps the best of all Peaberry stores. I'm happy several were able to move to other stores.

Cherry Creek East
Links: map
3001 E. 1st Avenue
Denver, CO 80206
Closed March, 2006

This was the smaller of the two Peaberry stores inside Cherry Creek Mall. I'll admit that I didn't buy a drink here. Seating wasn't great, but the childrens play area was right next to it, so I guess this one was perfect for parents to get board watching their children play. I am not too surprised that this stand closed.

Cherry Creek West
Links: map
3001 E. 1st Avenue
Denver, CO 80206
Closed March, 2006

I almost bought something here. But I think the line was too long. Big seating area and very nice layout. Sorry, can't say much else about this one. I am surprised that Peaberry closed this store, given its popularity and "prominence" in the mall. When the other stores closed in February, newspapers referred to the Cherry Creek Mall stores as the most important stores Peaberry has. It's an interesting strategy Bill is attempting with his restructuring plans. I don't think the plan makes sense, but I am sure Starbucks in Colorado is feeling good about it.


Peaberry Coffee Headquarters Office Building
Links: map
1299 E. 58th Avenue

(other photographs will be online soon)